AIRLIFE Denver Communications believes that helicopter air ambulance is an integral part of Emergency Medical Systems (EMS). Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) work within a tiered EMS system to provide access and rapid transportation when patient location, distance from care or condition necessitate.

We firmly believe that minutes do count when a law enforcement agency, ground EMS or fire service, calls for air medical transport. Beyond patient care, the greatest utility of air medical transport in emergency medical services is the rapid transport of patients to definitive care. As such, we strongly support, encourage and promote the development of systems and procedures that dispatch the geographically nearest air medical transport service. This position is non-partisan and is based on the premise that time is often a critical factor in emergency medical care and favorable patient outcomes.

AIRLIFE communications is committed to the development and implementation of procedures within our own system that support the dispatching of the nearest air medical transport service. We assure the EMS community that when AIRLIFE communications is contacted via radio or phone, (303) 360-3400 or 1-877-2-GET-AIR the closest available air medical resource will be activated, without exception. We invite all air medical communication centers to adopt this position and join us in the development of systems and procedures to achieve this goal.

Also, while speed is important, it comes secondary to the safe launch of an aircraft. AIRLIFE Denver is committed to launching as rapidly as possible (given weather planning, fuel calculations, etc.) for every scene request.