AIRLIFE Communication Specialists 

The AIRLIFE DENVER Communication Specialists are the first point of contact when emergency services needs assistance. Their duties include receiving incoming mission requests,coordinating transport logistics, following flight progress by monitoring aircraft positions, coordinating communications between pilot/scene personnel as well as hospital/flight personnel and responding to incoming phone calls.

Each of our Communication Specialists is IAMTCS-Certified (International Association of Medical Transport Communication Specialists) and brings with them a wealth of knowledge and prior experience from the fields of emergency dispatch and/or emergency medical response.

Communications Center

The AIRLIFE Communications Center is located at the Medical Center of Aurora-North Campus. There are at least two Communication Specialists on duty at all times in the 24/7 center. The Communications Center has the latest in computer, radio and mapping systems to enable the Communications Specialists to preform their jobs at the highest level. The Communication Specialists can keep in contact with other EMS Agencies and metro-Hospitals through a variety of phone lines and radio channels, as well as statewide radio coverage for all EMS Helicopters. AIRLIFE also utilized satellite phones and can communicate with our team at any distance or location.

Satellite Tracking Team

AIRLIFE uses tracking software in all of our vehicles (helicopters, fixed-wing, ambulances and fleet vehicles) that permit real time Global Positioning tracking at all times. This assists with safety monitoring, improves estimated time of arrival notifications, and allows us to deconflict with other air medical programs operating in the same areas. This is one of the many ways that the Communications Center uses technology to improve customer service for our patients and requestors. 

Air-Medical Resources

AIRLIFE can be activated from a variety of sources including fire departments, law enforcement agencies, EMS agencies, search and rescue agencies, physicians, hospital personnel and other flight programs. Requestors can ask for AIRLIFE to immediately respond, or place us on a ground/airborne standby. AIRLIFE is committed to activating the quickest appropriate air medical resource for scene flights, ensuring that the patient will get the closest appropriate care in a timely manner.

Questions and Tours

If you have any questions or would like to tour our Communications Center please contact AIRLIFE Communications::