Agencies can arrange for an AIRLIFE Safety Inservice by contacting one of our Safety Advisors:

You may also contact the AIRLIFE Administration Office at: (303) 338-7334 or via email. Please provide the following information with your request:

  • Name of Requesting Agency/Entity
  • Name and Phone of Requestor
  • Date of Requested Appearance
  • Location of Requested Appearance
  • Time of Requested Appearance
  • Radio Frequency for Landing
  • Ground Contact for Landing (Name or Crew)

Please be advised all requests must be approved by the AirLife Denver Chief Flight Nurse. If your request is approved and scheduled, AirLife Dispatch will make every effort to ensure our resources are utilized to provide the crew/vehicle for your event; however, all crews and vehicles/aircraft must remain available for transport requests. Priority is given to safety in-service training requests. Thank you for considering AirLife Denver for your event!