AirLife announces the adoption of a new Simulator Family including a pregnant mother and newborn, an infant, a child and an adult. Not only do we now have the capability to run simulations on any age group, we can also run multiple simulations at the same time. The new simulators are also “tetherless." This means they are wireless and completely self-contained, making it possible to operate them from a distance and allowing the participants to experience a more realistic environment and a “real” patient encounter. By expanding our simulators to include OB and pediatrics, we can now bring our specialty teams to the field to train in these areas. In addition, we can simulate multiple casualty events.

Our AirLife team and education department are excited about the educational possibilities that the new AirLife Simulator Family can contribute to the medical community. By providing outreach to EMS and other medical institutions who desire highly developed medical education, AirLife stands in a prominent position to offer cutting edge technology by way of the Simulator Family.

Moreover, we have noticed tremendous interest in the advanced education that AirLife provides to our clients within the community. This growing attention has enabled us to pay special attention to the importance of safety and the elaborate process of transporting critically ill patients. Safety is a cornerstone of our practice, and AirLife Denver values the importance of safety with each transport. With our new Simulator Family, AirLife Denver would like to focus on the safety of our transport team, and our clients who regularly utilize helicopter transports as a part of their patient care transport strategy. Along with your personal education needs, we would like to encourage a key element of safety regarding helicopter transports with each simulator family education request.

Some of these key safety elements may include:

  • Helicopter loading and unloading of patients from a variety of scene call transports scenarios
  • Stabilizing critically ill (trauma, medical, pediatric) patients for helicopter transport prior to AirLife arrival
  • Collaborative advanced airway intervention and logistic problem solving

AirLife Denver anticipates top interest with our new simulator family and we look forward to providing high quality education to our community and our partners in critical care transports.

Noelle Advanced Simulator Family - tetherless, fully responsive,precision delivery system

Agencies can arrange for an AIRLIFE Simulator Family Training by contacting one of our Educators:

Kim Smith

Jay Wozny

Teresa Zuber

You may also contact the AIRLIFE Administration Office at: (303) 338-7341 or Teresa Zuber via email. Please provide the following information with your request:

  • Name of Requesting Agency/Entity
  • Name and Phone of Requestor
  • Date of Requested Training
  • Location of Requested Training
  • Time of Requested Training
  • Specifics of Training Needs (adult, pediatric, obstetrical, full family)

Please be advised all requests must be approved by the AirLife Denver Chief Flight Nurse. If your request is approved and scheduled, AirLife will make every effort to ensure our resources are utilized to provide the training for your event.
Thank you for utilizing AirLife Denver for your training!