The mission of AirLife is to provide the highest quality, compassionate patient care during cost-effective, appropriate, safe and rapid transportation by a committed and expert team of professionals.

The vision of AirLife is to be the leader in air and ground, critical care transport service. With safety as our first and highest priority, we relentlessly seek to provide rapid access to the highest level of specialized care by differentiating ourselves with cutting edge technology, comprehensive skill, and exemplar service to our patients and the communities we serve. Built on a foundation of experience in intensive care, emergency, and pediatrics. AirLife clinicals are certified, trained and highly experienced in providing advanced airway and ventilator management, adult and pediatric trauma, neuro, and cardiology care, along with vasopressor, tPA, sedation, and Advanced Life Support drug administration.

The values guiding our mission are: above all, safety; a mindset of abundance over scarcity; collaboration above competition; trust through respect and accountability; teamwork through learning and sharing knowledge/experience; personal fulfillment and mastery through participation and innovation; and economic responsibility without loss of excellence or commitment.

Our System

AIRLIFE currently utilizes four 407 Bell helicopters - operated by Air Methods Corporation, Inc. - based at Sky Ridge Medical Center, Frederick/Firestone Station #2, Cheyenne Medical Center and Lincoln Community Hospital. With these capable aircraft, we provide service to EMS agencies and Healthcare facilities which span an area of 150 miles.

For greater distances we utilize two King Air 200 fixed wing aircraft- operated by Air Methods - based at Centennial Airport.

Two state of the art ground ambulances - operated by AMR - are dedicated to AIRLIFE for interfacility and dedicated neonatal critical care transports (CCT). Specialty equipment such as Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IAMBP) devices and isolettes are easily accommodated in these mobile intensive care units (MICU).