A ONE-STEP Process for transfers and consultations to/from HealthONE hospitals.

1-888-RX-ONESTEP (1-888-796-6378) or 1111 from any HealthONE facility!

Access HealthONE

One call to our new Access HealthONE call center will provide a one-step process to admit or transfer a patient and have a conversation or consultation with another clinician.

The Access HealthONE call center will serve as a hub for all the HealthONE hospitals with one centralized phone number answered 24/7/365. The 1-888-RX-ONESTEP (1-888-796-6378) replaces the Direct Admit number at any HealthONE facility. If you're at a HealthONE hospital, you also can call extension 1-1-1-1 directly.

As you may know, the HealthONE network of hospitals cares for patients throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. The services we provide in such areas as trauma, stroke, cardiac, high risk obstetrics, pediatrics and emergency care are often lifesaving for patients who come to us locally and from sister hospitals and neighboring states.

The 1-888-RX-ONESTEP can also be used to contact or consult AirLife Denver, the HealthONE emergency transport service, for any patient transport needs.

The process is simple. When a patient needs to be admitted or transferred, call 1-888-RX-ONESTEP where the phone will be answered by a dedicated clinical staff member who will:

  • coordinate direct admissions or transfers to and from HealthONE hospitals EDs and hospital departments, as well as non-HealthONE facilities, as appropriate.
  • confirm there is capacity at a specific hospital and offer alternatives, if needed.
  • ensure the receiving ED or hospital-based physician is contacted and available by phone for acceptance and consult.
  • assist with directing care to the highest level clinical team available for your patient.
  • use consistent, structured processes to manage EMTALA.
  • current transport and consult numbers will transfer to AccessHealthONE, and clinicians using these numbers will receive the same high level of service they have come to expect.

Make certain you know the One-Step number!

1.888.RX.ONESTEP (1-888-796-6378)

Internally, inside any HealthONE hospital, the center can be reached by calling x1111. Outside the hospital, the 1-888-RXONESTEP number should be used. (The x.1111 works only in the hospital)

We know that you hold yourselves to the highest level of care for our patients. We are committed to making access to our hospitals as smooth and as easy as possible for you and our patients.