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Applications are closed for the 2016-2017 ride-along season. We will begin accepting applications for the 2017-2018 season on October 1st, 2017. Ride along shifts will be available starting on November 1st, 2017 and will continue through April 31st 2018.

Thank you for your interest in the AirLife Denver Ride-Along program! We have designed this program to provide members of the emergency medical services and hospital communities we work with some insight into the various aspects of air medical transport. We hope to provide you with a worthwhile experience, some in-depth familiarization with helicopter safety and operations, and insight into patient care in the air transport setting. Please read this packet thoroughly and submit the application at the end. Openings are very limited.

Eligibility Requirements:

The air transport environment is unpredictable and requires adaptability, flexibility, and a high degree of preparedness. Safety is AirLife Denver’s highest priority. Candidates must be capable of learning and following the safety practices we value as crewmembers.

In order to be considered:

  • You must be 18 years of age and have a valid photo ID.
  • You must either be employed in, or a student of emergency medical services, critical care, or emergency care. Other candidates will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • You must weigh less than 220 pounds with all clothing including boots and outerwear.
  • You must not have excessive tattoos or piercings per HealthONE employee standards.
  • You must not have any physical limitation that would interfere with prompt entry or exit from the aircraft.

Prior to a scheduled ride along, riders must view 3 short safety in-service videos and be able to demonstrate understanding of basic aircraft safety with an AirLife crew member. All riders must be prepared to go on a call on any of our vehicles (helicopter, airplane, ambulance) at any time during their shift regardless of what base they are scheduled.

What to expect on your ride along day:

  • Shifts are from 0800-1600 (8am - 4pm). Please arrive on time.
  • We expect that you will arrive in good health, rested, and dressed appropriately. The on-duty crew reserves the right to cancel a ride-along if any of these requirements are not met.
  • Ride-along shifts may be cancelled prior to or on the day of the shift for any reason at the crew’s discretion. Reasons for cancellation may include weather, temperature, vehicle maintenance/repair or any other reason the on duty crew feels that a third rider could negatively impact safety or patient care.
  • Riders may be cancelled on a flight by flight basis for all of the same reasons listed above.
  • By law, and under our medical direction, this is a hands-off ride along. Riders will not perform any patient care. Riders will not practice any medicine. Only AirLife crew members may perform patient care. You may participate by discussing our decision making processes, procedures, medications, etc.
  • Dress appropriately. No Jeans. No Scrubs. No sneakers. No dress shoes. No large logos. EMS attire is appropriate, but again, please no large logos. We recommend natural fibers, 100% cotton or wool polo shirt, long sleeve, or sweatshirt. Have layers available. Have outerwear available. Work boots or hiking boots that are supportive and protective are required.
  • It is possible that you could be left behind either at a hospital or on scene if we are unable to lift safely with the additional weight of a third rider. We make our best attempt to foresee and prevent this circumstance; however you should be prepared to take care of yourself for a few hours if needed (small bag with food, water, and warm clothing is suggested).
  • It is possible that we may not get a call during your entire ride along shift.
  • During downtime crew members may be occupied with office duties or may be resting. Be prepared to keep yourself occupied during downtime. Wi-Fi is available in crew quarters.
  • Bring food. While there is a cafeteria at SkyRidge, there is no guarantee that you will make it there during open hours. There is a refrigerator and a microwave available for you to use in crew quarters.
  • Understand that you may be on a call well past 1600 (4pm).
  • Have fun. Learn a lot. Take it in.

Ride-Along Coordinator

Andy Pietriyk, RN, BSN, CEN, Flight Nurse

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