FFB Heli hanging US Flag Heli at sunset
Heli and ambulance
Pilot with several children Hospital staff standing next to Heli

Greg Poirier visited the preschool classrooms during their Community Service Unit at West Woods KinderCare.

Our team participated in a mock drill at PSL Hospital.

Also visit the official Facebook page for AirLife Denver, where you can post pictures too!

Heli in flight
Landing Heli
Heli flying over building
Two heli, three men standing beside one of them
Heli flight under clear sky
Heli staffing rolling a stretcher
Heli landing on highway
A heli, bus and Ambulance
Heli and Fire with a crowd of people
Heli landing
Heli infront of a crowd of people
People streaming around a heli
two aeroplanes parked
Staff boarding a small aeroplane
two parked helis
Children being shown around a heli by staff
Parked heli
A group of people walking towards Heli
Parked heli
A group of staff standing by the heli
A group children standing by the heli
Heli parked in view of hospital
Heli flying under clear blue sky
Heli coming down and Photographer taking photos
Heli flying under blue sky
Heli and fire department staff rolling a stretcher
Heli taking off
Heli staffing rolling stretcher out of the Heli
Heli parked on highway
Heli at a far distance
Parked ambulance
Group of pilot staffing with mascot
group of bicycle racers
Two men standing next to ambulance
Parked ambulance
Group of Heli staff
Two flying objects
Airlifedenver logo on aeroplane
Heli parked in view of hospital building
Airlifedenver logo on aeroplane
Hospital view from the sky