The AIRLIFE DENVER Communication Specialists are literally the "first responders" for our transports. Their duties include receiving incoming mission requests, providing current weather conditions, following flight progress by monitoring aircraft positions, coordinating communications between pilot/scene personnel as well as hospital/flight personnel, and responding to incoming phone calls.

Each of our Communication Specialists is NAACS-Certified (National Association of Air Medical Communication Specialists) and brings with them a wealth of knowledge and prior experience from the fields of emergency dispatch and/or emergency medical response.

Communications Center

The AIRLIFE Communications Center is located at the Medical Center of Aurora-North Campus. The communications center has the latest in computer, radio, and mapping systems to enable the Communications Specialists to perform their jobs at the highest level. The Orbacom Computer Radio System allows AIRLIFE to keep in touch with other EMS Agencies and metro-Hospitals as well as statewide radio coverage for all EMS Helicopters. With radio repeaters and antennas on Squaw Mountain, Pikes Peak, and Methodist Mountain AIRLIFE Communications can maintain radio contact with helicopters and EMS agencies from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Alamosa, Colorado.

Satellite Tracking Team

Helicopters utilized by AIRLIFE now have the Outer Link Satellite Tracking System that permit real time Global Positioning tracking at all times. This system along with the Aeromed Computer Aided Dispatch System allows the Communications Specialist to have an updated exact position of all aircraft every 2 minutes. The AIRLIFE Communications Specialist is also responsible for coordination of the new Airborne Standby program. An agency can put a helicopter staffed by AIRLIFE on an Airborne Standby in order to reduce our response time to the scene. For further information on this program, please call AIRLIFE Administration at 303-338-7338

Air-Medical Resources

AIRLIFE is committed to activating the closest appropriate air medical resource for scene flights; this ensures that the patient will get the closest appropriate care in a timely manner. Review the AIRLIFE Communications policy regarding scene calls.

Questions and Tours

If you have any questions or would like to tour the new Center please contact the AIRLIFE Communications Center: