About Us

AIRLIFE is the Emergency Medical /Critical Care Transport Service of the HealthONE system of hospitals, clinics and healthcare plazas providing air and ground critical care transport for both adult and pediatric medical/ trauma patients. The primary medical crews are comprised of two flight nurses or a flight nurse and flight paramedic, each with a minimum of five years experience in critical care and emergency nursing. AIRLIFE also provides High Risk Obstetrical Transport, High Risk Neonatal Transport, and Intra-aortic Balloon Pump Transport. These teams are composed of two caregivers from the following: primary flight team nurse, a specialty trained HROB nurse, nurse practitioner, or respiratory therapist.

Our Mission

AIRLIFE provides unique services to a large rural area in addition to providing critical care transport services to the Denver metropolitan area. Rural constituents have limited access to specialized services. The rapid access and critical care services provided by AIRLIFE during transport to higher levels of care have significantly improved patient outcomes for the rural communities. The AIRLIFE team thrives on providing cutting edge technology, skill, and service to their patients. AIRLIFE continues their mission to meet the needs of the community and the region.

Service Area

AIRLIFE serves a ten-state region including Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Texas and South Dakota (Neonate Team). Helicopter transports achieve a 150-mile radius from our various bases, while lear jets enable AirLife crews to transport up to a 500-miles. Air ambulance licensure is maintained in both Colorado and Wyoming, which are home to our operational and crew bases.

With over 2400 transports a year AIRLIFE is one of the largest and busiest air medical programs in the region providing emergency air and ground transport 24 hours a day.


AIRLIFE Denver currently has operational bases at Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lonetree, Medical Center of Aurora North, Frederick-Firestone Fire Station in Frederick, Presbyterian/St.Luke's Medical Center in Denver and Centennial Airport Cheyenne Medical Center in Cheyenne Wyoming.

Aircraft/ Vehicles

AIRLIFE currently utilizes four 407 Bell helicopters - provided by Air Methods Corporation - based at Sky Ridge Medical Center, The Medical Center of Aurora North and Frederick/Firestone Station #2. With these capable aircraft, we provide service to EMS agencies and Healthcare facilities which span an area of 150 miles. For greater distances we utilize two Lear Jet 31s - provided by International Jet Aviation - based at Centennial Airport. Two state of the art ground ambulances - provided by Rural Metro - are dedicated to AIRLIFE for interfacility and dedicated neonatal critical care transports (CCT). Two patients or isolettes are easily accommodated in these mobile intensive care units (MICU).

AirLife History

AIRLIFE made its maiden flight on May 9, 1983 to Durango, Colorado in a Bell 206 Long Ranger helicopter. In its first year of service, AirLife completed 207 missions. The following year, 1984, was also a significant year for AIRLIFE as a second helicopter and a plane were added to the service. The high risk OB team was started and the AIRLIFE communications center began operations. The first Double "Chopper Go" occurred on July 4, 1984 in response to a motor vehicle accident. In 1985 AIRLIFE flew their first international mission to Mexico to transport a Denver native with congestive heart failure back home. By 1986 AIRLIFE had completed 2000 missions. In 1989 the Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump team was established. The neonatal team was added in 1991 and pediatric transport services were enhanced in 1992. In 1997 AIRLIFE put two new Bell 407 helicopters into service. By 2008, AIRLIFE had completed over 40,000 missions and reached 25 years of excellent medical transport service to the Rocky Mountains and surrounding regions... and now we look forward to the next 25 years with the addition of a third Bell 407 helicopter and a second ambulance.