SEPTEMBER 19, 2015

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Future AirLife Pilot and artist, Cade Pflughoeft.Cade_Drawing

Stroke Patient To Life Savers: "We Don't Have Enough Thank Yous"

Stroke patient gets to meet the emergency responders who saved his life. 


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AirLife Denver

Ride-Along Program!!!

Find out more about our Ride-Along program!

Get Your AIRLIFE 2015 Calendar!

We invite you to enjoy the 2015 AirLife Denver calendar with all photos taken by the AirLife staff, crews, EMT's, and rotor and fixed wing pilots. Enjoy this unique perspective of what AirLife Denver teams get to see each day. To receive your calendar, please contact: Darcy.Wilson@HCAHealthcare.com

AirLife Denver Releases Mobile App!

EMS and first responders can now download the application to better communicate with air medical teams.

The app provides specific reference materials, checklists and safety information for MES land critical care providers. For registered first responders, AirLife Mobile will allow them to link directly to the AirLife Denver communication center to pinpoint coordinates, alert the flight crew of a pending transport, streamline communication and decrease response times. 

Additional App Features Include:

Intubation Checklist and RSI Protocols

  • Educational References and Courses
  • AirLife Denver photos, videos and contact information
  • Important safety information such as LZ diagrams and Helicopter Safety 
  • Allows EMS agencies to activate an AirLife helicopter, attach and send pictures of an accident or other medical situation, and send location coordinates to an AirLife helicopter